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Pashmina, the finest cashmere wool has been popular for centuries among royalty and other elites as the finest, most luxurious wool in the world in the recent time but the change of time and its dynamic look pashmina's is famous in all over the world. Pashmina provides warmth with virtually no weight, and thus is comfortable to wear in all seasons within the past few years this treasure has been introduced to the western world.

Pashminas business is also popular in Nepal and the quality of Nepalese pashminas won the heart of pashminas lover all over the world. Pashmina is soft fur found close to the skin of Capra Hircus" also called (CHYANGRA). The downy fur of this animal around its neck and chest is the finest quality of pashmina.

CHYANGRA, the mountain goat.

Actually pashmina protects the goat against adverse weather condition around its habitat. As pashmina retains ample heat it protects the animal all the year round from severe cold and fierce blitz occurring frequently in the high mountains.

Normally mountain goat CHYANGRA is found at altitude over 9,000 ft. And during summer it climbs even higher. It is however thought that pashmina is finest if the animal inhabits above 14,000 ft. . For a thousand years or more, this glorious wool has been prized for its warmth, lightness and durability. For lightness and warmth pashmina wool is unmatched. Delicate and soft to touch it caresses the skin.